About Us

At the core of QA are two photographers: Martin Smolka and Tommi Aittala. We work with artisans, artists, industry and industrialists. In short: those who make things. We work up close and make relatable what seems abstract at first. We like to collaborate with others and to dive deep.

Quaking Aspen is a reference to the the extensive root network of said tree. Our network is equally crucial to us, it consists of creatives of all kinds. They include writers, graphics designers, programmers and illustrators. With them we create concepts, websites and print material.

Get in touch for inquiries, if you like what we do or if you want to work with us. Best to write an email to info@quakingaspen.co .

What We Mainly Do

We shoot in a wide range of genres, but we focus on architectural-, industrial-, product- and corporate-photography. We also shoot editorials for magazines with a similar focus on craftsmanship of all kinds.

Who We Are

Martin Josef Smolka. My focus is architectural and editorial photography and the organization of Quaking Aspen. I take care of deadlines and execution and thus spend a not insignificant amount of time on the phone.

Tommi Aittala
I’m a photographer mainly working with products, interiors and industry. I regularly work in Finland.